Thursday, September 12, 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I have been mulling over ideas for the yard. I have quite a few more floodlights leftover from my efforts as a prom committee sponsor. I think I have enough to light up the entire Northwest side of the house.

I also am sitting (figuratively) on two pallets that--once disassembled-- will be a perfect source of material for the Haunted Mine on the left side of the yard.

The fence that I have used in the old yard has proven to be too dangerous to be in the walkway. Some people (me) tripped over it during the last haunted holiday and it is too wiry to be of any visual significance. I will need to enhance that by using some vinyl edging that looks like wrought iron fence. If I give it a little paint treatment, it will look just like a rusty old fence.

No pictures, yet just ideas. Hopefully, these ideas will blossom into a very spooky yard.