Monday, November 9, 2009


As I was walking out the door I noticed that some of the sage's leaves were turning yellow. I decided to see if this was the case on both bushes. I walked around, looked down, and was greeted with a suprise. I found the skull that blew off the door during the wind a couple of days before Halloween.

I though I looked everywhere. Next year I think I am going to add some weight so we don't have this situation again.

R.I.P. Halloween 2009

Saturday I set out the task of taking down all the Halloween decorations in the house and in the yard. It was faster taking them down than putting them up. After I finished I took a few pictures. When it's laid out, there's not really all that much.

Take a look at some photos at

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Manifold Mysteries of Elias Cauphen

As I was going through some papers I found this picture:

It appears to be a group photo of some secret organization. The interesting thing about this ancient, moldy photograph is that Elias Cauphen (the founder of Spooky Acres and world renowned occultist) is pictured standing behind the skull and crossbones. What is this organization? The date on the back of the photo reads “1909.” It is known that Elias Cauphen was deep into occultism by 1909. There are reports that while at University he founded a fraternal organization called “The Order of Northern Wisdom.” The purposes of the organization remain a mystery. This photo, however, seems to be the first tangible link to Elias Cauphen’s early pursuits.