Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Work Begins

I just started working on some decorations for Halloween 2010. I've told my wife that this year is going to be "smaller and more focused" I am sure that that plan is going to fly out the window.

While I was at a very boring work meeting I was doodling some ideas for the fence around the yard. I think that the wall with ironwork idea that I initially had would be too difficult and time consuming. I am leaning toward a creepy wood fence. There are some interesting interpretations at Haunt Project that I am mulling over.

Apart from that I am just working on the narrative that pulls the entire yard together. Like I have mentioned earlier, I am shaking up the layout of the haunt. I am excited about the prospect.

On another note, I was inspired by Dave Lowe's creepy book tutorial to create a series of books for the inside decorations. I picked up several old discard books from the library that will serve as donors for the project. I'll definitely include some pictures when I have finished.

UPDATE: The fence idea has been put on hold pending me finding a really good source of used pallets. Otherwise, nothing major is going to be added outside.