Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome to Spooky Acres

I live in Phoenix and I love Halloween. It is my perfect holiday. There are no presents, no family visits, no overly-cheerful holiday letters detailing every pointless activity your family has completed throughout the year. Yes, yes, I am very happy that little Frankie can poo in his elephant shaped potty. I, however, digress. My love of this holiday has taken if from mere enjoyment to outright obsession. I could simply carve a pumpkin and stick it out on the vestibule, but where is the enjoyment in that? In the parlance of Walt Disney, I wanted to "plus" Halloween. (You will find out later that Disney is a source of inspiration to me.)

Since my wife and I moved into our mid-century brick home in central Phoenix, I have been haunting our yard. It started with just a few pumpkins and evolved into a themed haunt. This blog comes to life three years into my haunt and I hope to show you how this haunt continues to grow and improve.

My next post will detail the philosophy and history behind Spooky Acres.