Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Planning

Now that I am on summer vacation, I have started working on some new ideas for the yard.

First, the haunt is going to span both sides of the yard. Last year the graveyard was on the left side of the house, but I thought that the rest of the yard looked incomplete. I have plenty of headstones for both sides if I place them farther apart. Placing them farther apart will give the yard a more authentic look.

Second, the small fence that I put up around the headstones looks cute, but is not substantial enough for the whole yard. I need to make a cemetery fence or wall. Right now I am leaning toward a wall. A wall will keep people out of the yard and add a significant amount of atmosphere. I could also hide any lighting behind the wall. As always, styrofoam will be the medium. I have been researching some different painting techniques that would make it look more like stone. Two feet sections with a fence topper would be a good scale for children.

Third, the new wall would need me to change the path by which the TOTs will be coming to the door and then leaving. The set-up of our front path makes it easy for one or two people to turn around, but with the volume of visitors, we will need to make some modifications. Once the TOTs get their treat they will leave through the graveyard. The exit will be clearly marked and lit and will offer some vignettes. I think that it will be very neat.

The first step, though is making the walls.